Welcome to Mitra Group RIKEN Data Portal

Welcome to the Mitra Group RIKEN Data Portal.

This is a data portal that introduces our high-throughput experimental project which does systematic injection-based tractography in whole marmoset brains on a grid of injections that cover the whole brain. The portal will help you to get familiar with our brain mapping connectivity project.

Full access to the site has begun on Nov 11, 2017 and we look forward to hearing any feedback, notes, or comments you may have on the initial release.

What is Architecture?

Traditionally, architecture may be defined as the shaping of space for human use. In nervous systems, architecture may be defined as the collection of structural elements that enable behaviors, both intrinsic and stimulus driven. Nervous system architecture may be studied at different levels of organization: intracellular networks (gene regulatory and protein interaction networks), intracellular neural networks (local microcircuits and mesocircuits between anatomical regions), and on a larger scale of organ systems (neuroendocrine and peripheral nervous systems). Shaped by the evolutionary process this architecture enables behaviors important to survival and environmental adaptation.