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- 3D Cursor Search: Click on a point to find the coordinates and region to view image data and injected datasets.

- Tree Search: Use brain region hierarchy to search for specific regions and areas to access injected dataset information

- 3D Rendering: Hover over injection sites to view coordinates and datasets, click to access viewer


About the Data

Datasets include marmoset information, tracer injection location, and image details to visualize projections

Specified regions and areas throughout the brain

Projection patterns and defined neuronal populations

* Images acquired by high resolution Nanozoomer 2.0HT digital scanning


About the Marmoset Connectivity Atlas

Grid-based tracer injection strategy for systematic mesoscale connectivity mapping

Combining the resulting 3D volumes, containing informative cytoarchitectonic markers, with in-vivo and ex-vivo MRI, and using an integrated computational pipeline

Tracer injections systematically placed on a grid of locations spanning the brain and computational analysis of the resulting whole brain data sets